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It’s summertime, and the glorious sun calls you to the park for some batting practice. Afterward, you make a trip to the arcade to test your reflexes and hitting prowess with a game of pinball. Not just any pinball machine, but one that lets you hit away scoring run after run like you did on the field.

Super-Tilt Baseball 2 is that game in the palm of your hand. The game recreates a pinball machine with realistic 3D graphics and true pinball audio for all the fun of smacking the cowhide around the field. Slap a single up the right field line, or drive a double to deep centerfield. Use the bumpers to increase your power hitting, and drive in even more runners when you get a double or triple. Or better yet, target the power alleys, and become the home run champ by hitting the ball out of the park.

Unlike other pinball games, you really do control the action in Super-Tilt Baseball 2. You can tilt the table left and right to put the ball on the sweet part of the bat, but you also must avoid the out holes to keep your rally going and going.

View the game from virtually any angle, just like having the best seat in the stadium. The camera can be close to field level for a great full table view, or choose the bird’s-eye view high above the field to get the bigger perspective. And for those that love close-up action, there is new zoom view that brings you down to table level just like having your nose pressed to the glass. If you don’t like the current view, just change the settings and get the perfect view.

No reason to get out your binoculars either, every view is rendered in the sharpest HD resolutions supported by the Apple Retina Display and the iPads. By the way, you can rotate your iPad to landscape for another great close-up view of the playfield.

If you love competition, then Super-Tilt Baseball is the pinball machine for you. The game has a full implementation of Game Center so you can challenge your friends, enemies, or anyone else on Game Center to a head-to-head game. Choose a 1-inning game during a short break in your day, or choose 6- or 9-inning game if you want the realism of a full baseball game.

After the game is over, check out your statistical performance. Runs, hits, doubles, triples, home runs, batting average, and slugging percentage are all tracked while the game is in progress. Once you have defeated your opponent, see how well you both did, or check out your own stats at the end of a single-player game. Super-Tilt Baseball 2 uploads your high scores to Game Center Leaderboards -- one for each of the seven statistical categories. Plus you get expanded leaderboards for your own top 50 scores in each category stored right on your iDevice so you can review your best performances.

Trophies are awarded for your best achievements in all of the stats categories. When you have a great game, these achievements are uploaded to Game Center as well being stored on your iDevice.

This exciting new game is available for all Apple devices that support iOS 4.1, and Android devices that support v.1.7. So pick up a copy on the App Store or Android Market today. Try the game out right by clicking HERE.

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